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Building a business isn't easy, let alone making it successful. Our magazine features exclusive interviews, inspiring stories and business insights from women who have build their business and made it successful. Subscribe or feature in our magazine and be a part of Brand You's community. Created With The Modern Woman in Mind
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SHOWTIME Join The Waiting List for 2025 2025 Date to be Announced Soon. THE ULTIMATE BRAND AND PR EVENT FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS IN LONDON "The speakers and panelists were more electrifying that a double shot of espresso on a Monday morning!"

The Media Platform for Women in Business

Welcome to Brand You, the Media hub for female entrepreneurs looking to make waves in the business world! Our bi-monthly magazine, available in both print and digital formats, is a vibrant, carefully curated and inspiring magazine packed with the insights and stories you need to thrive and get ready for SHOWTIME, the ultimate event for big thinkers and bold doers! This action-packed extravaganza is all about celebrating collaboration and empowerment. Imagine a space buzzing with energy, where top female entrepreneurs, magazine editors, influential journalists, publicists and brand experts come together under one roof. It’s your golden ticket to endless opportunities to boost your business.

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“Brand You Magazine is an aspirational and INSPIRATIONAL magazine for women in business. It’s like NETWORKING but without leaving the comfort of your own home.”



“It’s not just an event – it’s a MOVEMENT!”



Tailored for ambitious and driven women who are ready to take their brands and businesses to the next level

SHOWTIME is the ultimate rendez-vous of big thinkers and a celebration of the collaboration and empowerment. Every women you’ll meet at  our event have graced the covers and pages of our magazine, their stories inspiring us all.

SHOWTIME is a one-of-a-kind, action-packed PR coup bursting with opportunities! We’re crafting the perfect space gathering an unprecedented convergence of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs, magazine editors, influential journalists, publicists and brand experts, all under one roof…….offering YOU the chance to create and seize every opportunity to help propel your business forward.

SHOWTIME is dedicated to amplifying women’s voices and offers a unique centre stage where up and coming female experts step into the light and share their ideas bursting with creativity, limitless potential and revolutionary change in female entrepreneurship.

SHOWTIME is the perfect spot for female-led product brands to showcase their amazing products to a crowd of female entrepreneurs, increasing their brand’s visibility and recognition.

This isn’t your average gathering. Don’t just attend. Make your mark and leave a lasting impression.

“Start, GROW, scale and contribute by joining a POWERFUL community of professional women and ENTREPRENEURS.”



Floss Gibbs
Graphic Designer & Brand Consultant

All the articles are really inspiring and honest, I love that Brand You covers a range of different business areas and industries, with tonnes of insightful tips and advice too!

Claire Gardner
The Branding Photographer

Brand You is turning into a fantastic resource for my business! It's relevant, engaging and a bible for how to show off my brand in the right way!

Hela Wozniak-Kay
Founder of Sister Snog

Every issue is like getting a Secret Santa Gift - you know it's something special and when it's unwrapped, you realise how special it is. Brand You is brimming with insightful insights and nibblemsome content. Beautifully presented.

Turn that internal VISION you have for yourself and your business into a REALITY.



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