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Edition 28 – OUT IN DECEMBER

COVER STORY: Disrupting an Industry with Nicola Wood

Founder of The Wonderful Wig Company

With her amazingly positive ‘do it now’ attitude, Nicola Wood has made it her life work to educate others and lobby for change. In this exclusive interview, she tells us about her journey as a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, hair loss pioneer and winning the Most Inspiring Businesswoman Award of the year. On a mission to shake things up in the wig industry, she launched The Wonderful Wig Company and has since gone on to support thousands of people facing cancer and hair loss all over the country.

BRAND STORY: Bringing Bags of Joy with Sarah Haran

Founder of Sarah Haran Luxury Handbags

Sarah Haran took a leap of faith by leaving her successful IT career as COO behind to create a thriving business with thousands of women across the globe wearing Sarah Haran handbags on their arms. Brand You invites you to step into Sarah’s creative world to find out what it takes to bring a luxurious brand to market and to build a global community of devoted fans.

LIFESTYLE STORY: Mindbody Detox – A Journey of Self-Healing with Frankie Jones

Founder of The Success Whisperer

Uh-oh… it’s soon going to be that time of the year again – when tummies start to feel bloated, over indulged and energy levels leave the building with the post-Christmas de-clutter?!. So, we’ve invited Frankie Jones, expert in colon hydrotherapy and detoxification, to show you how you can elevate your success without compromising your health, fulfilment, and happiness through detoxing the body and resetting the mind.

Other topics in this issue: 

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy and the Killer of Dreams / Tidy Canva = Tidy Mind / Best Business Women Awards  2023 – Winners Highlights /  How To Write Winning Award Entries / Podcast Payday: Turning Your Voice Into Revenue / Nail Your Self-Assessment / Unforgettable Online Events: 5 Key Strategies to Elevate Your Business / Creating Achievable and Challenging Targets for 2024 / Nurturing Your Mental Wellbeing / Keep Your Eye On The Long Game / What Does 2024 Hold For Female Entrepreneurs? / Coping With Grief, Festivities and Business.



A mixed and varied read showcasing the BEST of female businesses, with inspirational and action tips to FIRE UP your business.

Exclusive Interviews

Floss Gibbs
Graphic Designer & Brand Consultant

All the articles are really inspiring and honest, I love that Brand You covers a range of different business areas and industries, with tonnes of insightful tips and advice too!

Claire Gardner
The Branding Photographer

Brand You is turning into a fantastic resource for my business! It's relevant, engaging and a bible for how to show off my brand in the right way!

Hela Wozniak-Kay
Founder of Sister Snog

Every issue is like getting a Secret Santa Gift - you know it's something special and when it's unwrapped, you realise how special it is. Brand You is brimming with insightful insights and nibblemsome content. Beautifully presented.

This course will be a VALUABLE asset to any female entrepreneur looking to use the media to SCALE their business.

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PART 1 /Discover Your Uniqueness

The ultimate personal branding session designed to position you as an industry leader so that you can take your business to new heights.

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A bespoke PR session to help you develop your PR mindset, build your credibility and reach more clients as you get featured in the press.

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Have a portfolio of PR ready photos to uplift your business and bring you all the visual support needed to elevate your brand.

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Our mission is to get you seen and heard. By being featured exclusively in Brand You Magazine to get you started on your road to PR stardom and get your brand exposed to an audience of over 10k.


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The Brand You Club will be opening its door soon offering our members a variety of networking opportunities, in-person events, visibility perks, education and training. Build your brand and grow your business through a passionate community of professional women who create, inspire and lead. Brand You Club will help you to move out of your comfort zone and fulfil your true potential.


Turn that internal VISION you have for yourself and your business into a REALITY.

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