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Issue 15 – February 2022


The phases of brand love by Tam Goldsmith.

A brand design with nature at its heart by Nicola Stewart.

A mindful story through the eyes of  Marili Vosmi.

The Brand You Insider by Emma Downey.


The perfect choreographed experience for my clients with Vicky Grammatikopoulou.

Kill it with quizzes by Heather Carr.

7 steps to sparkling testimonials by Shehnaaz Latif.

Transform your clients into advocates by Remeny Armitage.

Creating powerful reputations by Fiona Johnson.

The 3 pillars to a 5-star client experience by Jenni Schanschieff.

BIZ GIRLS… are taking good care of their clients.


How to nurture relationships online and offline by Marina Gask.

How to manage your stress by Saira Hasan.

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Our magazine will give you that scalp tingly, goosebumpy feeling that you only get when you find people who are perfectly aligned with who you are.

Elena Brennan – Bus Stop Boutique
Can you tell us a little about you Elena? What is a Brit doing in Philadelphia and what’s your business all about? 
I’m Elena Brennan a shoe designer, and the owner of BUS STOP Boutique in Philadelphia. London-born, I was whisked off my feet by an American (the first American I had ever dated).On my first visit to the States, he proposed to me, 5-months later, we got married in St. John’s Wood on a snowy romantic Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately we are no longer together, but I have a 32-year old son and two beautiful granddaughters. After a 27-year career in advertising and marketing, I felt I was ready to venture out on my own. Being a single mother, I waited until my son’s 18th birthday, so when I was 48 years old I became a female entrepreneur and opened my shoe boutique, and I haven’t looked back. It’s never too late to change careers! In 2015, I felt I was ready for the next phase in my business and I started designing my own shoe brand BUS STOP X.
You have a physical boutique in Philadelphia so what made you also want to create an online shop?
The Covid-19 pandemic really forced me to create an online shop. When you have to temporarily close your brick and mortar (which is the scariest thing I have ever done) it’s all about survival. I worked extremely hard during lockdown on my SEO and to build my online presence to what it is today. Some good things did come out of Covid!
Since launching your online shop, what has been the impact on your business as a whole? 
The impact of having an online shop is huge. I now sell my shoes all over the USA and Internationally too. I love it when I go to sleep and wake up to orders — I sell shoes in my sleep! 2022 will be BUS STOP’s No.15 Birthday, so the online platform will take my business to the next level.
You’ve been subscribing to Brand You Magazine for a few months now, how are you enjoying it? 
I absolutely love the magazine, there’s really nothing else quite like it. I look forward to reading my subscription every month and being introduced to like-minded female business women. And even though, I’m in the States I get to enjoy the digital version. 

What Our Readers Say...

This is seriously the most beautiful magazine I’ve ever seen. What an absolute work of art and choc full of just the most amazing businesses and powerhouse business owners.

Hayley Merrick

Moon Marketing Mentor

If you haven’t subscribed yet - where have you been?! For those of us who don’t just want to read Hollywood gossip or speculate on a royal’s marriage.. here’s a grown up magazine about real stuff!

Chloe Jay


I absolutely loved reading the December issue. It's so full of inspiring, useful advice and stories! I read November's one too and it was the same. I love it!

Christina Stone

Goldfinch Marketing

I love what you do, the magazine is so inviting and fresh and showcases things in a way that feels inspirational without being overwhelming.

Laura Coleman

Be.Modern Meditation

Love the look and feel of your magazine. Subscription done!

Jo Riches

Ayres Consulting Ltd

Such a brilliant issue packed with so many helpful and inspiring articles!

Becky Wright

Becky Wright Photography

What a fabulous magazine. I love everything about it. The layout, the colours, the articles, everything! It would look totally amazing in a glossy print on a magazine shelf. Move over Vogue!

Kate Bickford

The New Business Mentor

Wa-hoo, I can’t wait to read it properly. Looks amazing, as always – it’s so beautifully curated.

Amanda Kerin

Solopreneurs Social

Get your ideas out of your head, and into the real world.

Creating the business and lifestyle that you can see in your head isn’t easy. We need mentors from all walks of life to guide, inspire and educate us as we manifest our goals. 

Brand You is created by real women, who have experienced all the highs, the lows, the beautiful and the downright dirty sides of business.   We get it. We get YOU.

Create, grow and nurture a business and brand that is driven by your unique story; practical tips and advice, inspiration, methods for building a personal brand, new ideas and stories of other women just like you, so you can weave their successes into your own story.

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Take Me There Right Now
Olivia Marocco

Fear Of Failure – You’re Not Alone!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Do you often wonder how you drifted into this job, relationship, life? Well, it's time to tune in and set your goals! Football manager Jose Mourinho once said “For me the most important thing in my life is love …  if you are not in love...

Olivia Marocco

Your Story Your Brand

What’s your brand? What’s your story? And how do they come together?   What’s your brand? Your brand is what makes you unique. It’s what sets you apart from anyone else who does something similar to you. It's how you present yourself, how you communicate and how you...

Olivia Marocco

Making New Ideas Work

The beauty of running a small business is the rapidity of the decision making process. Here’s an idea! Great, let’s do it! And it’s done. No approval by long-winded committee. No submitting a proposal in writing. Think it, do it, get it done. However, I have...


12 Top Tips For Improving Your Website In 2021

It takes around 50 milliseconds for an user to decide whether they want to stick around or leave your website. Clearly, first impressions matter: that’s why it’s so important to continuously improve your website. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the...

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You’ll be all “hold everything, the Brand You Newsletter has arrived!” 


In this episode, Emma Downey chats with Olivia,  brand photographer and Editor-in-Chief of Brand You Magazine. We discuss:

The importance of brand photography for your gorgeous small business, beating those photoshoot nerves, pivoting after Covid hit, how she built brand awareness for her magazine and how she found her target audience and the evolution of Brand You Magazine.



In this episode, Tammi is joined by Olivia Marocco – brand photographer at her business Brand You Photography, and founder of Brand You Magazine.

Olivia shares her business journey from chasing a passion as a photographer to successfully building three businesses in the last 15 years.

Listen in as Olivia talks openly about how her love of adventure inspired a career change, and how she developed from a self-taught events photographer to launching a successful magazine for small business owners, all whilst splitting her time between two countries.



In this episode, Emma Downey of Women Who Do chats with Olivia Marocco, founder and Editor-in-Chief at Brand You Magazine and her two guests Gemma Storey from Infinity Creative and Sarah Gray from Sarah Gray Styling.

We talk about our own personal style, what we love about Brand You, our dreams for 2022 and get to know each other a little better.



In this episode, Hentiette Danel invited Olivia to share her story about how she decided to start her magazine and I know it will inspire you so much, that you can also make the unthinkable happen.

We talked about the creative conceptual journey of a magazine, how to plan and organise with contributors, what the editorial process should look like, how to accumulate subscribers, brand ambassadors and fans and some of the difficulties you might face and how to overcome this.



Have you ever won or been a finalist in an awards programme? Do you need some ideas and clarity on what to do next to leverage this for your business? Learn from a panel of experts about how you can maximise awards to gain more exposure, earning you more customers. Business Awards are just one of many components which build your profile as an expert in your industry. The higher your profile, the more successful your business will be. Awards open doors for you and can present you with so many opportunities.