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Issue 19 – Leadership (Print)


Purchase your print copy of issue 19 –  Leadership

P&P included – Available for UK delivery only.

So what’s inside this issue?

It’s been said that leadership is doing the right things and management is about doing things right. Quite honestly, as entrepreneurs, we have to be BOTH and that can get confusing since these roles require different skill sets. Leaders instil their vision in others and motivate them to take ownership of their part. A great manager, on the other hand, is tasked with making it happen by using the vision to guide them on execution. How can we juggle all these hats? That’s exactly what the experts in this issue of Brand You Magazine are here to do, by helping us to stretch and act in different capacities and to learn skills that we might not have or master. They will offer us insights into what successful leadership really means, how to build a great team and teach us how to adjust our mindsets to think more strategically about our actions, analyse the implications of our decisions, and so much more.

60 pages, perfect bound and printed on recycled uncoated paper.

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Out of stock

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Stop hiding behind your vanilla branding by Gemma Storey

Brand expectations v reality by Rachel Overall

High energy brand photography by Andreea Tufescu

Organise your team structure – Canva Corner by Marie-Louise O’Neill

Brand You Insider by Emma Downey

Keep calm through the chaos by Jenni Field

Biz Girls are leading the way with Clare Mannall & Debbie Gilbert

Hiring for growth with Pippa Birch

What’s up with Suze by Lucy Dowson

Scaling-up: Are you ready? by Julia Aspinall

The power of outsourcing by Rebecca Newenham

How to hone your high achiever ninja skills by Kelly Chandler

Accountability rocks to get results fast! by Niki Matyjasik

Beyond Business by Dawn Beth Baxter

Lead yourself first: The rest will follow by Nicole Louise Winer

Have you got the soul of a leader? by Joanne Sumner

Are you a good manager to yourself? by Lisa Conway-Hughes

Don’t get caught in the ego trap! by Mary Gregory



Everyone has a responsibility to our beautiful planet to ensure that we do everything we can to protect it. This is something that we feel deep in our soul at Brand You Magazine.

We only use certified environmental and 100% recycled paper from sustainable sources.

Superior quality, vegetable-based inks are used for printing.

We have sourced the best 100% bio-degradable packaging available without compromising the quality and safety of the delivery of our magazine.

We aim for the lightest possible carbon footprint in everything we do.


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