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Issue 15 – Customer Care (Digital)


Download a digital PDF of issue 15 to view on your computer, mobile or tablet.

So what’s inside this issue?

With February on its way – you know, that special month when we celebrate Love 💜  in all its forms – we felt it was the perfect occasion to dive inwards into the heart of our businesses and to dedicate this issue to our wonderful customers and clients. Of course, we all know that customer care is at the very core of what we do, but we felt the need to explore this vast topic in more detail to ensure we are all on the right track.

In this issue, we have invited some amazing experts to come and share their own experiences and expertise with the aim to either remind us to always put our clients first, to help us design a stronger client experience and identify the gaps and problems, or simply to show us other fun and constructive ways we can communicate with them better.




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The phases of brand love by Tam Goldsmith.

A brand design with nature at its heart by Nicola Stewart.

A mindful story through the eyes of  Marili Vosmi.

The Brand You Insider by Emma Downey.


The perfect choreographed experience for my clients with Vicky Grammatikopoulou.

Kill it with quizzes by Heather Carr.

7 steps to sparkling testimonials by Shehnaaz Latif.

Transform your clients into advocates by Remeny Armitage.

Creating powerful reputations by Fiona Johnson.

The 3 pillars to a 5-star client experience by Jenni Schanschieff.

BIZ GIRLS… are taking good care of their clients.


How to nurture relationships online and offline by Marina Gask.

How to manage your stress by Saira Hasan.


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