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Issue 13 – Celebration (Digital)


Download a digital PDF of issue 13 to view on your computer, mobile or tablet.

So what’s inside this issue?

It’s time to get singing our praises and patting ourselves on the back – we deserve it! There are amazing examples out there of women who have done the most incredible things in their personal and professional lives and have fascinating stories to tell. Having a veritable endorsement of those successes not only feels wonderful, but it motivates and inspires others and shows the world that we matter and deserve recognition. Since Brand You Magazine was born, we have endeavoured to shine a light on as many successful female entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible.




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BRAND DESIGN: Promote your award in your branding by Tam Goldsmith.
BRAND DESIGN: Raise your profile by Aarti Parmar.
BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY: A splash of colour with Rosie Parsons.

BIZ GIRLS are celebrating!

BIZ INSPIRATION: Small Business Britain: Your n.1 cheerleader with Michelle Ovens CBE.
BIZ INTERVIEW: The Best Business Women Awards with Debbie Gilbert.
BIZ EXPERT: Filling the mantlepiece by Karen Campbell.
BIZ EXPERT: Now you’re talking by Lovelda Vincenzi.
BIZ EXPERT: Get published and get noticed by Leila Green.
BIZ EXPERT: Finalists, are you PR ready? by Caroline Joynson.

LIFESTYLE: Seasonal Style Edit by Sarah van Dort.
LIFESTYLE: A taste of Christmas with Capucine Laudet.


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