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Issue 12 – Spirituality (Digital)


Download a digital PDF of issue 12 to view on your computer, mobile or tablet.

So what’s inside this issue?

Spirituality and business. You may think these two words seem completely at odds with one another. But maybe they shouldn’t be. So, curious to delve into it a bit deeper, we’ve asked experts whose business it is to practice spirituality to shine a light on what they do and biz owners who have incorporated it into their business to share their personal experiences and tell us more about what results this has yielded.




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BRAND DESIGN: Your ultimate spiritual practice by Tam Goldsmith.
BRAND DESIGN: When your brand has heart and soul by Floss Gibbs.
BRAND ESSENCE: The essence of a brand by Jo Tocher.

BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY: A perfect visual narrative with Chloe Williams.

BIZ GIRLS are journaling!

BIZ INSPIRATION: The art of timing with Ysanne Lewis.
BIZ INTERVIEW: How a spiritual awakening has changed my life with Rachael Setford-Berry.
BIZ EXPERT: Harnessing moon power by Hayley Merrick.
BIZ EXPERT: N.1 skill for leaders of the new era by Katharina Kugler.
BIZ EXPERT: How spirituality can support you in your career by Rebecca Kirk.
BIZ EXPERT: How to manifest success in business by Victoria Jackson.

LIFESTYLE: Human design 101 by Sara Miller.
LIFESTYLE: Crystals for workplace wellness by Charlotte Sofia Rose.


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