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Issue 11 – Productivity (Digital)


Download a digital PDF of issue 11 to view on your computer, mobile or tablet.

So what’s inside this issue?

On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your level of productivity? Go on, be honest!
In the current ‘always on’ work culture, even the most productive people feel like they don’t accomplish much on a daily basis. This issue of Brand You Magazine is dedicated to the many ways we can understand our inner productivity personality, and showing us how to maintain realistic goals and reward ourselves when we succeed.




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BRAND DESIGN: Personal V business branding – which one is best for you? By Tam Goldmith.
BRAND DESIGN: The power of clarity to make an impact by Julia Cartwright.
BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY: Unique social media content just for you by Claire Gardner.

BIZ INSPIRATION: The CEO mindset with Emma Mills-Sheffield.
BIZ INTERVIEW: Recovery & resilience: The power of productivity with Shermeena Rabbi.
BIZ EXPERT: Your virtual superhero comes to the rescue by Kate Browning.
BIZ EXPERT: Work smarter, not harder to plan your online event by Hannah Hall.
BIZ EXPERT: The formula to dealing with overwhelm by Clare Evans.
BIZ EXPERT: No more excuses by Shannel & Shinnel.

LIFESTYLE: Stop being such a busy fool by Alexandra Smallman.
LIFESTYLE: Do your batteries need recharding? by Joanne Sumner.


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