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Brand You Magazine > All Posts  > How To Improve Your Confidence And Self-Esteem by Yola Bastos

How To Improve Your Confidence And Self-Esteem by Yola Bastos

Written by Yola Bastos, founder of Women Flix

It’s vital to ensure that we are empowering the women around us every day, no matter how small the action.

In today’s day and age, women have access to more information than ever before, which brings with it the good and the bad. The good because we can find whatever we want on the internet to help us, but also the bad because we have access to more insight on all of the women in the world who are still not treated fairly or given the same opportunities as women like us who live in more developed countries.

When we talk about women in business, we’re not just talking about women who own office-run or online businesses, we’re also talking about women in underdeveloped countries in places like Africa and India who manage stalls every day. Women are the most important resources when it comes to educating the next generation because they breed and birth children every day, so it’s vital to ensure that we are empowering the women around us every day, no matter how small the action.

What does it mean to be confident?

For Women Flix, confidence means having unwavering faith in your skills and knowing that you can face life’s obstacles head on, but what does it mean to you? Is confidence something that you can learn or maybe something you’re born with? It’s a question that I get a lot. I was a self-assured youngster who lost my path in my teens, only to reclaim it later in life.

I feel that self-assurance may be gained as you progress through life. We are constantly confronted with possibilities and difficulties, which we may learn to work with or around. Yes, some women appear to be self-assured in all they do, but it would have taken years to get to this point because it is a journey of becoming, not something that already exists.

How can we boost our self-esteem?

Consider the ladies in your network who exude confidence. What exactly do they do? How do they behave? What kind of people do they hang out with?

Making a strong first impression is easy when you project confidence. I’m not talking about faking it till you make it here; rather, I’m talking about playing to your strengths. If you feel more comfortable making videos than writing long essays, then make more of them. Podcasts might work for you if you lack confidence in front of the camera but you might enjoy speaking about topics related to your business and clientele.

“Confidence means having unwavering faith in your skills.”

Here are some of my favourite methods to improve my confidence:


Using a repetitive phrase and saying it to yourself on a regular basis encourages you to concentrate on the positives.

“I educate and I win”

“I learn and I grow”

”My potential is infinite”

Say “No”

The capacity to say “no” and stand up for yourself is another important aspect of success. That talent is hampered by a lack of confidence. You won’t be able to focus on what is genuinely vital to your work success if all of your energy is spent on things that are beneath you. Everything from desire to execution is influenced by confidence. Its significance cannot be overestimated.

Be willing to face new challenges

Only by challenging yourself will you be able to start to grow your confidence muscles. Sign up for new training sessions, involve yourself in new situations and expose yourself to new opportunities. Consider these tasks to be equivalent to learning a new skill. Confidence is built in the same way.

Take care of your mental wellness

I regularly discuss the importance of health and wellbeing, but the impact of poor mental health on our self-esteem is well established. We feel good about ourselves when we have strong self-esteem; however, when our self-esteem is damaged for any reason, it can have a negative impact on our mental health. Maintaining a consistent self-care regime is beneficial.


“Women with strong self-esteem are more likely to trust their own thinking.”


What does it mean to have high self-esteem as a woman?

It is from the inside out that one develops self-esteem. It indicates that a woman isn’t reliant on others to make her feel good about herself because she understands she’s perfect exactly the way she is. She is self-assured and aware of her talents and strengths but she also wants to tell others about them.

Why is it critical for business women to have high self-esteem?

Women with strong self-esteem are more likely to trust their own thinking and expertise and therefore make better judgments.

As leaders, we may focus more favourably on other people and their progress rather than berating ourselves for our own performance. This is how I improved my self-esteem as a female entrepreneur:

– Being genuine and being the best version of myself in all of my interactions with people

– I’m not flawless, and I’m aware of it!

– If I don’t understand something, I always ask questions

– Not trying to hide my lack of understanding of language or precise information from anyone (the truth will always come out)

– Every day, I read and learn as much as I can

– Curiosity keeps me alert and in the moment

– I’m a lifelong student of my own industry and surroundings.

 – I try out new activities on a regular basis to push me out of my comfort zone

– At networking or social gatherings, I interact with potential clients

– I embrace social media by putting my thoughts out there and responding to comments

 – I examine my abilities and expertise on a regular basis

– I make time for my worries, but I don’t feed them too much, since they have a tendency to grow like weeds. But I don’t put off dealing with my issues


“Self-awareness can only happen with deep awareness and desire to be better than you were the day before.”


Tips for improving your self-esteem:

– Appreciate yourself by taking time to rest and unwind, and treating yourself to a ‘present’

– Recognise and accept your limitations

– Recognise what you’ve accomplished and what you’re excellent at

– Take care of yourself

– Concentrate on positive emotions as you remember moments when you were happy, comfortable and at ease

– Accept praise when it is offered

– Remind yourself of your positive attributes and moments when you have succeeded

– Don’t think in black-and-white terms; instead, look for the grey!

– Set reasonable goals for yourself

Self-awareness can however only happen with deep awareness and desire to be better than you were the day before, but it’s not about competing with other women. It’s about competing with yourself; it’s about understanding your weaknesses and then working towards improving those weaknesses, which will give you even more confidence in your ability to do everything that you desire, and more!

Don’t forget though that you have to believe in yourself to start with, even if you feel like you’re in the worst place of your life ever whilst you read this. Believe that there are greater, more spectacular things coming your way! Join our community today to learn how Women Flix can help you thrive in your life and journey, and follow us on social media.

Article published in Brand You Magazine – Edition 16

Yola Bastos, founder of Women Flix

Yola is a mindset and digital marketing expert coach and podcast host and has spent the last decade honing her skills in communication, coaching and appraising businesses run by women. She is a co-founder of Women Flix Ltd, a start-up dedicated to assisting women on their path to success.

Instagram: womenflix

Website: womenflix.org



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