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Brand You Magazine is delighted to be on the judging panel and sponsoring the Marketing & PR category at the Best Business Women Awards 2022.

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Calling all female entrepreneurs and small business owners

Brand You is a one-stop destination for female business owners around the world to come together and create unlimited success in their businesses and their life. We promote a world where creative women are empowered to come out of the shadows and be fearless in their pursuit of creating a successful business and brand. Be inspired by women who have boldly designed the business and lifestyle they always craved… Are you ready to do the same?


Tracy Hastain
Business Advisor & Mentor

Brand You magazine is refreshing, it is unlike any other business magazine out there. A celebration of women and business - it's a great read, artfully created and thoughtfully edited - well done.

Floss Gibbs
Graphic Designer & Brand Consultant

All the articles are really inspiring and honest, I love that Brand You covers a range of different business areas and industries, with tonnes of insightful tips and advice too!

Claire Gardner
The Branding Photographer

Brand You is turning into a fantastic resource for my business! It's relevant, engaging and a bible for how to show off my brand in the right way!

You just found your tribe, your vibe and your guide!

Here you can grow with passionate and creative women just like you. We share the journeys of businesswomen and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and in all kinds of business. Be inspired by their stories as you build your business and lifestyle around all those incredible ideas that keep you awake at night (yeah, we get it too!). Make your goals come into sharper focus. But Brand You Magazine doesn’t just inspire you. You get actionable, practical guidance on all areas of growing a business and brand that reflects who you are, inside and out. 


Edition 19 – Leadership

Issue June/July

Out in June

It’s been said that leadership is doing the right things and management is about doing things right. Quite honestly, as entrepreneurs, we have to be BOTH and that can get confusing since these roles require different skill sets. Leaders instil their vision in others and motivate them to take ownership of their part. A great manager, on the other hand, is tasked with making it happen by using the vision to guide them on execution. How can we juggle all these hats? That’s exactly what the experts in this issue of Brand You Magazine are here to do, by helping us to stretch and act in different capacities and to learn skills that we might not have or master. They will offer us insights into what successful leadership really means, how to build a great team and teach us how to adjust our mindsets to think more strategically about our actions, analyse the implications of our decisions, and so much more.


Stop hiding behind your vanilla branding by Gemma Storey // Brand expectations V reality by Rachel Overall // ……… by Andreea Tufescu // Organise your team structure – Canva Corner by Marie-Louise O’Neill // Brand You Insider by Emma Downey // Keep calm through the chaos by Jenni Field // Biz Girls are leading with the way with Clare Mannall & Debbie Gilbert //  Hiring for growth with Pippa Birch // What’s up with Suze by Lucy Dowson // Scaling-up: Are you ready? by Julia Aspinall // The power of outsourcing by Rebecca Newenham //How to hone your high achiever ninja skills by Kelly Chandler // Accountability rocks to get results fast! by Niki Matyjasik // Beyond Business by Dawn Beth Baxter // Lead yourself first: The rest will follow by Nicole Louise Winer // Have you got the soul of a leader? by Joanne Sumner // Are you a good manager to yourself? by Lisa Conway-Hughes //Don’t get caught in the ego trap! by Mary Gregory

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Olivia Marocco

Taking the Eeek! Out of Networking as an Introvert

Networking: the mere mention of the word can send shivers down the spine of many a business owner, particularly for those of us more introverted in nature. Normally the last thing on our “to-do” list is to talk about ourselves! In this article, I’m going to...

Olivia Marocco

Beat The Winter Blues With Nature Connection

How does Nature Connection help stave off ‘the winter blues’? Winter is typically the season when we start to feel low, as the darker days, the surge in Covid cases and the often gloomy weather take their toll. Did you know the 3rd Monday in January is...

Olivia Marocco

Fear Of Failure – You’re Not Alone!

Do you often wonder how you drifted into this job, relationship, life? Well, it's time to tune in and set your goals! Football manager Jose Mourinho once said “For me the most important thing in my life is love …  if you are not in love...

Olivia Marocco

Your Story Your Brand

What’s your brand? What’s your story? And how do they come together?   What’s your brand? Your brand is what makes you unique. It’s what sets you apart from anyone else who does something similar to you. It's how you present yourself, how you communicate and how you...

Olivia Marocco

Making New Ideas Work

The beauty of running a small business is the rapidity of the decision making process. Here’s an idea! Great, let’s do it! And it’s done. No approval by long-winded committee. No submitting a proposal in writing. Think it, do it, get it done. However, I have...

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The Best Business Woman Awards 2022

Brand You Magazine is delighted to be involved in the Best Business Women Awards 2022 sponsoring the Marketing & PR category.  It is part of the magazine’s ethos to promote the rise of female entrepreneurs in the UK and to support the achievements of so many talented businesswomen who are making a mark in the business world.

Our founder, Olivia, will also be part of the judging panel this year. To find out more about the awards and the categories, click here! 

Entries close 8th June 2002 – 5pm.