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Slide You’re Ready To Invest In Your Brand and You Need A Team That You
Can Trust With Your Vision
Welcome to the Visibility Extravaganza
A 3-month, one-on-one, programme to help you build
a stand-out brand & raise your personal profile

Calling All AMBITIOUS Female Entrepreneurs

You are a fabulous, immensely TALENTED business owner.

You’ve created AMAZING things that people LOVE.

You’ve had happy clients and customers. You want MORE.

It’s time to LEVEL UP and get VISIBLE.

I want to take my business to DIZZY heights but don’t know where to start!

I want to harness the POWER of PR but have no idea how to pitch!

I want to find my FAME FACTOR, but won’t people think I’m bragging?

Do I have the COURAGE and confidence to get VISIBLE anyway?

It’s not enough to just wish on stars…..You have to R.E.A.C.H for them!

Attract your DREAM clients

RAISE your prices and 3X your profits

Pitch to the media like a pro and get FEATURED 

Transform PR coverage into SALES

Position yourself as the go-to EXPERT in your field

Think what it would feel like for you and your brand to step out of the shadows and into the limelight together with total confidence and glowing with such star quality that people will start to take notice.

This bespoke and all-inclusive 3-month programme is a MAGICAL mix of HIGH-IMPACT personal brand elevation and PERSONALISED PR coaching guaranteed to get you well on the way to achieving your VISIBILITY goals and making a profit from it. 

This programme is for you if…

✖️ You struggle to stand out in a crowded market

✖️ You lack clarity to define your unique value proposition

✖️ You feel unsure about how to present yourself

✖️ You suffer from lack of confidence or imposter syndrome

✖️ You find it hard to reach your ideal clients and raise your prices

✖️ You feel invisible and don’t know how to get more exposure

✖️ You lack quality photography to support your business

Do you want to…

Elevate your personal brand positioning

Create a personal brand to support your business growth

Get more press exposure to reach a wider audience

Raise your profile and build your credibility as the leader in your industry

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world

Overcome limiting beliefs and insecurities that are holding you back

Have a strategy that is right for you and your business

Our programme will help you to…

✔️ Gain clarity of your personal brand vision, goals and message

✔️ Get crystal clear on what you want to be known for

✔️ Increase your reach and attract more clients

✔️ Develop your PR mindset to get press coverage

✔️ Get speaking opportunities

✔️ Have a PR ready library of brand images

✔️ Raise your prices and increase your turnover

✔️ And get a feature in Brand You Magazine

“This course will be a VALUABLE asset to any female entrepreneur looking to use the media to SCALE their business.”

Debbie Gilbert, The Best Businesswomen Awards

Let’s take you on a journey


To Build A World-Class Brand That Needs No Introduction

Each section of our programme has been carefully crafted to give you all the tools, knowledge, guidance and advice you need to achieve your business goal.

step 1 /

Discover Your Uniqueness

Personal Brand Elevation

The ultimate personal branding session designed to position you as an industry leader so that you can take your business to new heights.


A deep dive into your core message framework and brand foundations.

A consistent and authentic brand aesthetic and messaging across all your online platforms that resonates with your target audience and builds trust and authority.

A unique brand persona crafted to set you apart from the crowd.

A compelling elevator pitch to be proud of and make you unforgettable to your audience.

Coaching to give you the tools and mindset to make a lasting impact.

A brand guide to help keep you on track and bring your vision to life.

step 2 /

See The Headlines

On The Road to PR Stardom

A bespoke PR session to help you develop your PR mindset, build your credibility and reach more clients as you get featured in the press.


A creative brainstorming of the PR and visibility channels and opportunities that could work for your business.

A look at how your communication media channels can be optimised and enhanced to cut through your target audience and ideal clients.

An articulate pitch that you can use and re-use and when needs be, switch.

A press kit that stands out from the crowd – this is your calling card.

A PR ready mindset action plan so you can pitch with confidence.

step 3 /

StrIke a Pose!

Brand Photoshoot

Have a portfolio of PR ready photos to uplift your business and bring you all the visual support needed to elevate your brand.


Brand photoshoot questionnaire

30-60 minute pre-shoot planning call

3 hour photoshoot

1 to 2 locations

2 to 3 outfit changes

An online gallery with 80+ photos

step 4 /

It’s Time to Shine

Get Featured & Get Seen!

Our mission is to get you seen and heard. By being featured exclusively in Brand You Magazine to get you started on your road to PR stardom and get your brand exposed to an audience of over 10k.


A live 20 minute IG chat with Olivia to boost your visibility.

An exclusive feature in Brand You Magazine to share your story and showcase your expertise as an authority figure.

A live interview with Olivia diffused on the Visibility Extravaganza’s You Tube Channel.

PLUS…. a ‘showcase’ article in the Extra-Zine, Brand You’s *NEW* baby sister quarterly e-magazine, showcasing your amazing brand to the world.

A blog submission to help increase your SEO.

A highlight feature in Brand You’s newsletter and social channels to expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

Meet Your host, Olivia

Hi, there, I’m Olivia, founder and editor-in-chief of Brand You Magazine. I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the business of visibility. As a photographer, my role was to make my models shine – whether corporate clients, brides or businesswomen – and to be honest, I was very comfortable behind the lens. But my life has changed. 

There’s a lot of pressure on women today to show up for their businesses, yet personal branding is still not on the horizon for many of them.  That’s why I created this unique and carefully curated programme for busy women and female entrepreneurs who have been working hard on their businesses, but now need to step out of the shadows and invest in themselves and their brand.

Think of it a bit like the perfect makeup bag with all the beauty essentials every woman needs to look and feel at her best – a slap of mascara just isn’t going to do the trick!

“Olivia is a force of nature. A true visionary. Utterly collaborative. Totally on it. A true raconteur who has the magic key to open the door for other raconteurs to share their stories, know-how and knowledge. Her genius lies in making each and every article reflect the brand of the author. She steps into their shoes and gives them their catwalk moment. Link up with her. Dip into her world. She’s been instrumental in creating a rainbow in the wonderful world of Sister Snog.”

Hela Wozniak-Kay, The Soul of Sister Snog

“Olivia has been a great help to many businesses. Personally she helped to launch a charity initiative which was a great boost. Her standards are high and her magazine is brilliant.”

Pamela Bates, The Silk Bow Group

“I am so pleased that I took the time to enter the Brand You competition.  I did not imagine how winning and being chosen as your cover star would have helped me on this journey.  Yolande was a brilliant photographer who understood my ‘angles’ and my hang ups.  Fiona really inspired me and gave me the confidence to truly embrace the PR space.  And Olivia – thank you so much for providing such a welcoming and understanding space for me to share my story.  I appreciate the support you have provided, and I am pleased to have trusted you with something that was really important to me. “

Tonia Galati, TG Consulting Ltd

“Olivia is a talented creative with an uncanny ability to build brands for people. I would highly recommend working with Olivia whatever the type and size of your business; she is both professional and approachable and has amazing communication skills.”

Becky Lodge, StartUp Disruptors

“I first met Olivia when she started BrandYou Magazine and it’s been exciting watching this grow and develop. She has worked so hard to support and help so many businesswomen share their story. So it was a natural fit for us to work together on The Best Businesswomen Awards and she came onboard as a sponsor in 2021. Olivia had all the credentials I needed for the judging panel. She is an incredible entrepreneur with so much experience and an asset to our panel. It’s been a great experience working together. You can always trust Olivia to deliver on every level.”

Debbie Gilbert,  The Best Businesswomen Awards

Meet The Visibility Extravaganza Team

This highly talented team combines the skills and expertise of top specialists in brand strategy, PR and photography.  As you join the programme, you will work closely with Olivia to define your personal goals and expectations.  From our pool of experts, she will then create the perfect trio to help you identify the exact profile and reputation you want to show the world and craft a personalised visibility building plan to get you there.

Brand Elevation Team

Pascale Richetti and Kate Sharp are both personal branding experts and business mentors, dedicated to helping craft exceptional stand-out lifestyle and wellness brands and help entrepreneurs reach superstar status. They’ve had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed CEOs, high-profile celebrities, and global brands such as L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, The White Company, Jack Wills, SlimFast, Jennifer Lopez Fragrances and Moroccan Oil. Their expertise has assisted their clients in gaining exposure and recognition, being featured in major publications such as Vogue, Forbes, and CEO Magazine, and securing placement in prestigious retail establishments such as Fenwicks, Boots, and Selfridges. With their strategy-led branding, inside secrets and tailored support – they’ll help you build a world-class brand that attracts high-ticket clients, increases your impact and influence, and gives you more financial freedom to live your best life.

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

“Working with Pascale + Kate at Azori was incredibly useful, and sparked so many different ideas – I definitely felt so much clearer and excited about my marketing after the session. I now have a new wave of energy for what and how I can share more online, and way more clarity about my ideal client and what I’m working towards.”

Jess Blake / Interior Designer

Melissa Matson is the founder and chief brand architect of EMBR Brand Agency, a strategy-first, full service brand building agency, on a mission to ignite entrepreneurial fires all over the world. Unlike other branding agencies that just focus on the externals and making things look pretty, we build brands from the inside-out. This means that we don’t just build brands for today, we help to build the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. With over 10 years of experience working for some of the biggest brands in the world (Mars, Starbucks and 20th Century Fox), EMBR is the bridge between big company thinking and small business passion, crafting world-class brands and turning your vision into a reality.

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

Working with Melissa was the most empowering and transformative experience that I’ve ever had.

Rhianna, Identity Coach

“Through our work together, I was able to get clear on my niche, my offerings and how I want to show up. I’m now super confident selling what I do because I’m so clear on my message and the impact that I make.”

Amy Harrison. / Confidence Coach

PR Ready Team

Amanda FitzGerald is known by her clients as The Ultimate Door Opener. She’s a leading PR and visibility strategist, passionate about training and mentoring entrepreneurs to successfully pitch to the press and get SUPER VISIBLE using the power of PR so that their organisations have a surge of new client enquiries, speaking gigs and podcast invites, book reviews and even more media interviews as they share their message everywhere. She has helped female founders to get into their dream publications and outlets such as ITV’s This Morning, Forbes, The Sunday Times, Telegraph, Raconteur, Platinum, Top Sante, Daily Mail, Psychologies, OK!, Delicious, LBC, BBC, Metro, and industry podcasts to name a few!

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

Since working with Amanda, she has secured 8 media exposures for me including an exclusive in Chat magazine, a double page spread in The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine, many interviews and a TV interview.

Christine Clayfield / Author of No Fourth River

Fiona Minett, founder of Boss Your PR and The PR Spotlight is an award winning PR expert & coach working with female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through savvy and powerful PR. Fiona has worked in PR for almost 15 years, trained with The PR Academy and spent 6 years building and running her own agency. She has worked with the likes of The BRIT Awards and Go Compare, has placed coverage in media including VOGUE, ELLE, Stella, STYLIST, Sunday Times Style, Red, The Telegraph and put products on celebrities from Lady Gaga to Pixie Lott and Lucy Watson. She has created a course with Domestika, worked with BBC Studios, spoken for the likes of MODA, Enterprise Nation, Top Drawer and Harrogate Home & Gift as well as writing for the outlets including Pure London and Jewellery Focus and is now on a mission to get YOU visible.

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

Fiona’s helped me develop my PR mindset which has contributed to so many positive outcomes for my business. These include: becoming a guest contributor, paid engagements, national exposure, growing my followers, being approached by national publications to comment on retail matters and having a hugely successful launch of my new membership.”

Catherine Erdly / Future Retail Ltd

Brand Photography Team

Yolande De Vries is a renowned portrait, headshot and personal branding photographer based in London and working all over the South East of the UK. She loves working one on one with her clients, connecting with them and creating images that actually look like them. The by-product of this to her clients has been one of growing confidence in themselves and their work. As a result, her clients have been featured in Forbes, The Times, The Telegraph and Brand You Magazine to name a few.

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

I can honestly say that the images Yolande has taken have been instrumental in raising my profile and elevating my business. She has a unique ability to creating unique, striking shots that are full of energy and sparkle.

Antoinette Dale Henderson / Gravitas

Vicki Knights has run her thriving photography business since 2008 and is one of the UK’s leading branding photographers. Vicki’s work has been featured internationally in publications such as Vanity Fair, Forbes, The Sunday Times & Cosmopolitan. Vicki empowers business owners to get visible with genuine confidence. She does this through her magnetic branding photography which is brimming with personality.  Vicki brings her warm energy to everything she does and she has over 20 years of branding and marketing experience. She also runs online courses and retreats for fellow branding photographers to help them succeed in this fast-growing genre. 

Watch the replay of our IG Live HERE

I hate having my picture taken and I really did fear that I would cringe when I saw them. I was so nervous arriving at the shoot, but immediately Vicki put my mind at rest.  She was full of ideas and I actually ended up thoroughly enjoying the shoot. I can honestly say that I love absolutely every photo that was taken.”

Tanya White

“Grow your confidence, increase your credibility, go from unseen to seen everywhere – that’s the power of PR.”



The 3-Month Programme at a Glance

Our programme is totally UNIQUE! Why? Because it combines all the essential elements you need to take your brand to the next level.  This is THE ultimate red-carpet, VIP, experience!  So be ready to invest in your business and be prepared for fast results and growth.

Step I


Olivia will welcome you into this project and after a deep dive into business needs, she will match you with the right experts to fully achieve your goals.


Step II


The programme will start with a one-on-one session with one of our brand strategists where you will work to define your brand value proposition.


Step III


Following this, you will meet with one of our PR experts where you work on a strategy to gain more exposure for your brand and build your credibility.


Step IV


The programme will continue with a bespoke photoshoot with one of our talented brand photographers.


Step V


And to get you started on your road to PR stardom, you will be working closely with Olivia on the creation of your feature in Brand You Magazine.

“Smashed my sales targets by 300%”

“Featured in 15 newspaper articles and saw a huge increase in my followers.”

“A piece in Top Santé Magazine got me on TV!”

“800 downloads for my first Podcast.”

“Invited to speak as an expert at an industry panel.”

“Self-published a book and became an Amazon Best-Seller!”

“My dream came true! I did my first TEDx talk!”

“My products are now on the shelves of international retail outlets!”



This luxury 3-month programme includes

✔️A welcome and onboarding session with Olivia (on Zoom)

✔️A welcome pack & personalised project plan

✔️A 4 hour, one-one-one, session with a brand strategist (on Zoom)

✔️A personalised session with a PR expert (on Zoom)

✔️A 3 hour brand photoshoot & 80+ photos (in person)

✔️An exclusive feature in Brand You Magazine + your own printed copy

✔️ Make the cover of the Extra-Zine and showcase your brand to the world

✔️ Work with any of our Bonus Experts to gain event more skills (optional)

PLUS other visibility perks will include;

✔️A 20 mins IG Live with Olivia diffused on our Instagram account

✔️Mention on Brand You’s newsletter & social media channels

✔️One blog submission to increase your SEO

Then upon completion of the programme

✔️An exclusive pre-recorded interview with Olivia diffused on the Visibility Extravaganza’s You Tube channel

✔️An in-depth survey to measure the impact the programme has had on your business

And finally, 

✔️Some amazing discount offers from our business partners.

Is It Worth It?





Let’s face it. We’re not all born writers, orators or with exceptional charisma. We have to learn how to develop our personal brand the long and hard way.

But, by the end of three months, you WILL:

Have the POWERFUL advantage of a personalised and detailed roadmap that you can follow step-by step

Have the CONFIDENCE and CONTROL you need to make the right decisions

Feel ALIGNED with your vision knowing your are building something AUTHENTIC

Feel EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to move your business in the right direction

and that, ladies, is worth gold!

And let’s not forget how AMAZING it will be to…


Work on a ONE-ON-ONE basis with the best visibility experts in the UK


Have access to their PROVEN tools and techniques


STOP struggling to do it all by yourself through trial and error


To have ACCOUNTABILITY and feel supported


Have quick RESULTS in just 3 months


Experience GROWTH and joy


Feel PROUD of what you have accomplished


We will also be giving you the option to upgrade your programme to gain extra visibility perks and skills in areas such as styling and LinkedIn visibility.

*More experts to be announced soon.*


Choose a Session With Our Bonus Expert

Your Colour & Style Clinic

(Location: London)

An in person 2 hour session with Stefania which will help you to understand what shapes, colours and cuts work best for you.  She will share advice and inspiration on how to shop and dress with confidence.

This session will cover all the essentials of personal style, to include: 

✔️Colour analysis 

To identify the shades that flatter your skin tone.

✔️Face shape analysis 

To help you understand what hairstyles and eyewear will suit you best.

✔️Body shape analysis

With tips and tricks on how to highlight your best features. 

✔️Personal style identification 

To establish the looks that work for you and your lifestyle. 

✔️Individual styling and buying tips 

To make shopping trips targeted and stress-free.

Stefania will follow up with a full report and a personalised Pinterest board for long-lasting inspiration. 

You’ll end the session feeling confident about your sense of style and raring to get started. 

About Stefania

Stefania Bartolomei is the Head Stylist and founder of One of a Style, a multi awarded agency that provides personal style coaching for real women with real lives. Stefania and her team help people step out with confidence, by exploring and developing a personal sense of style that perfectly suits their lives.

PRICE £500

(Available to select at checkout)

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Review & Content Strategy

A 2.5 hour, one-to-one, coaching session with Sarah which will include;

✔️Craft an attention grabbing headline

Your headline sits at the top of your profile and is the first thing people see. Get this right and you could see a huge increase in your followers.

✔️Create profile banner that sets you apart

Sarah will show you how to create a LinkedIn profile banner to blow the competition away and entice your ideal client.

✔️Write a compelling summary section that gets you found

You’ll learn how to write your LinkedIn summary to help you be found, not only on the platform, but also in the all-important Internet searches.

✔️Content that appeals

Identify and vary the type of content that will appeal to your audience and learn different ways to share your message to avoid ‘content fatigue.

✔️Repurposing content

You’ll learn how to repurpose the same content so you don’t have to keep coming up with new ideas – a key time-saving exercise.

✔️Content curation

Sometimes you may not want to post your own content but share someone else’s. You will learn techniques of how to curate existing content to save you time and add interest to your LinkedIn feed

About Sarah

Sarah Clay is a LinkedIn coach and trainer based in London. Through her comprehensive training, she shares her knowledge to help female entrepreneurs find more clients and grow their business to new heights using LinkedIn.

PRICE £500

(Available to select at checkout)

Style Confidence

(Location: Warwickshire & surrounding counties)

Your in-person 4 hour session with Sarah will begin with an in-depth Discover Your Style analysis and will also include:

✔️Identify your Style Personality

To understand what makes you unique.

✔️ Colour Analysis

To learn how to wear colour to your best advantage.

✔️Receive a Colour Fan

Containing 36 of your ideal colour shades and learn how to use your colour fan when shopping alone.

✔️Style Analysis

Learn the styles of clothing that will suit your figure.

✔️Wardrobe Review

To review every item, taking a view on what will stay and what will go. We will delve into your business life to understand what outfits are required. To save you time and energy Sarah also will organise your wardrobe in such a way that you can confidently compile outfits

✔️On Camera & Networking

Learn what outfits will work for you on camera so you can confidently show up online and what your best outfits are for face to face meetings/networking etc so you know you can pull together an outfit that is appropriate and authentically you.

✔️Personal Style Guide

A action plan summarising your colours & style, photographs and a list of gaps to complete your wardrobe. 

About Sarah

Sarah Gray, Style Confidence Coach, works to help female entrepreneurs to become style confident through the simplest, most effective personal style tools and services. Her natural intuition and vast experience enables her to put every client at ease, to allow them to look at themselves in a positive way & develop a personal style unique to them.

PRICE £500

(Available to select at checkout)

still have some questions?

01 I'm a startup, is this programme for me?

Our programme has been tailored for women who have been in business a minimum of 3 years.  They have established a successful business but now need to elevate their personal brand in order to take their business to the next level.

02 What kind of business is this programme for?

Our programme is open to all types of businesses (service and product) and within all industries.

02 When does the programme start?

It is possible to join the programme at any time during the year. Just sign up when you are ready for some serious change and we’ll see you on the other side!

02 Any other questions?

Please contact us at visibility@brandyoumagazine.co.uk if you have any other questions!


This is everything included

✔️A welcome and onboarding session with Olivia (on Zoom)

✔️A welcome pack & personalised project plan

✔️A 4 hour, one-one-one, session with a brand strategist (on Zoom)

✔️A personalised session with a PR expert (on Zoom)

✔️A 3 hour brand photoshoot & 80+ photos (in person)

✔️An exclusive feature in Brand You Magazine + your own printed copy

✔️ Make the cover of the Extra-Zine and showcase your brand to the world

✔️ Work with any of our Bonus Experts to gain event more skills (optional)

PLUS other visibility perks will include;

✔️A 20 mins IG Live with Olivia diffused on our Instagram account

✔️Mention on Brand You’s newsletter & social media channels

✔️One blog submission to increase your SEO

Then upon completion of the programme

✔️An exclusive pre-recoded interview with Olivia diffused on the Visibility Extravaganza’s You Tube channel

✔️An in-depth survey to measure the impact the programme on your business

And finally, 

✔️Some amazing discount offers from our business partners.

“This programme is about turning that internal VISION you have for yourself and your business into a REALITY.”

Join us on Instagram @visibilityextravaganza