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Wednesday 1st May, London from 9.30am to 7pm

Can you believe three years have passed since we launched Brand You Magazine? It’s been an incredible journey filled with growth, collaboration and inspiration. And now, it’s time to celebrate in style! We are beyond excited to invite you to our first-ever flagship event—SHOWTIME! We’re bringing the pages of Brand You Magazine to life and you won’t want to miss it.


It’s going to be EPIC!


Picture this: a gathering of the fiercest female entrepreneurs and business leaders, TV and radio celebs, magazine editors, renowned journalists, publicists and brand experts all in one place.

But SHOWTIME isn’t just about rubbing shoulders with industry bigwigs (although that’s pretty amazing). It’s about empowerment, inspiration and rewriting the rules of success.

So, mark your calendar for May 1st and get ready to elevate your brand and take your PR game to the next level. This is THE event for female entrepreneurs who are ready to shine! Grab your tickets now and let’s make some magic happen at SHOWTIME! ✨

“It’s the most exciting, headline-making event coming up on the UK’s female-led business agenda.”

What to Expect

A powerful panel featuring five of our Cover Girls and our Headline Sponsor sharing their invaluable insights

A dynamic media panel exploring the world of PR today for women in business

Inspiring talks to fuel your entrepreneurial journey

Immersive masterclasses to sharpen your skills and knowledge

And plenty of networking opportunities to forge meaningful connections and collaborations


Grab a seat and join us on a thrilling journey through the narratives of unstoppable female entrepreneurs who’ve shattered barriers and risen to extraordinary heights in their industries! Hear their stories, learn from their challenges and embrace the wisdom they have to offer. Get ready to be empowered and motivated like never before!!


Discover the magic of PR and how it can skyrocket your brand’s visibility and credibility as our industry experts unravel the mysteries of media coverage.  Hang out with journalists, magazine editors and publicists who can open doors to exciting opportunities for your brand.


Dive into high-impact masterclasses and talks tailored to boost your personal brand, amplify your presence in the market, help you gain fresh perspectives and stay ahead of industry trends. So get ready to turbocharge your business to new heights with insights and strategies shared by highly successful female entrepreneurs.


Connect with fellow female entrepreneurs who share your passion and drive. And join us in raising a glass of bubbly as we commemorate the third anniversary of Brand You. In this joyous atmosphere, let’s come together to celebrate all the successful women in the room.


Cover Girls Stage

Get ready to be blown away by an EPIC panel hosted by Olivia, Brand You’s founder and Editor-in-Chief. It’s going to be a wild ride as Olivia dives into juicy conversations with not one but six of the biggest UK industry go-getters and female business leaders who have graced our covers over the last few years.

We’ll be talking about everything from turbocharging your biz growth to owning your personal brand, handling the spotlight, acing public speaking, leadership, investment and cracking the retail code and way more! Get pumped for an adrenaline-fuelled session packed with real talk, invaluable insights and game-changing advice. This isn’t your average panel—it’s a high-voltage, mind-blowing experience you won’t want to miss!

Our Headline Sponsor


Co-Founder of Absolute Collagen

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce Maxine as our headline sponsor! Maxine is the inspirational co-founder of Absolute Collagen, a renowned UK brand offering daily liquid collagen supplements and a diverse range of 10 other exceptional products.

Maxine’s journey to success is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite lacking prior experience in running a company or the beauty industry, she embarked on an unconventional path that led her from being a devoted full-time mum crafting bone broth in her kitchen to becoming a first-time entrepreneur in her fifties. Alongside her two daughters, she achieved an astounding turnover of £27 million last year.

Recognised as Business Woman of the Year at the 2023 Enterprise Vision Awards, Maxine has garnered numerous accolades for both herself and her innovative products. Her presence on our panel promises to enrich our event with her compelling narrative of self-discovery, entrepreneurship and the courage to challenge societal norms serving as a shining example of how personal wellness aspirations can blossom into a thriving multi-million-pound brand.

Cover 30

Angellica Bell

TV & Radio Presenter, Author

As one of the most recognisable faces on TV for over two decades, Angellica is known for her versatile skills as a talented presenter. From her early days at the BBC, hosting shows like Children’s BBC and earning two Children’s Bafta nominations, to co-presenting The Martin Lewis Money Show (ITV) and The One Show (BBC1), Angellica has left an indelible mark as a chameleon of the small screen. Another highlight of her career was winning Celebrity MasterChef in 2017, which led to her publishing her first cookery book aimed at children called Fantastic Eats and How to Cook Them! Beyond TV, Angellica is in demand as a voiceover artist and radio show host on Scala Radio and Magic FM, as well as presenting The NatWest Business Show podcast, where she delves into inspiring entrepreneurial journeys.

Cover 29

Viviane Paxinos

CEO AllBright

Viviane is a dynamic force in the business world and renowned for propelling global brands to new heights, through strategic insights and groundbreaking creativity. An inspirational trailblazer and visionary leader, she embodies a commitment to positive change by standing at the helm of a 500,000-strong global collective of ambitious women committed to reshaping the landscape of the female workspace through collaboration and empowerment. Based at the Mayfair headquarters of the Allbright membership club since October 2022, Viviane’s leadership follows a successful tenure as Global GM of UNiDAYS, where she connected leading lifestyle brands with new audiences. With a stellar background at BBC Worldwide, Comcast, and Discovery Inc., Viviane is not just a leader; she is a catalyst for positive change on a global scale.

Cover 17 & Brand You Columnist

lisa johnson

Founder That Strategy & Co

Lisa is a global business strategist, coach, best-selling author and authentic truth-teller. Since launching her brand in 2016, she’s become a multi-millionaire and a household name, attracting ambitious entrepreneurs keen to scale with innovative passive income streams. With 60,000+ social media followers, Lisa dominates the business podcast scene with Making Money Online, boasting 315,000 downloads across 119 countries. She has been interviewed on BBC’s Women’s Hour, is a Thrive Global Contributor and her feature in Forbes magazine garnered over a quarter-million views in just one week, She has had multiple articles written about her in the national press like The Telegraph, Psychologies, The Guardian, and Fast Company, and is a regular Brand You Magazine columnist.

Cover 22

kirsty gale

Founder of Red Carpet Ready

Kirsty is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur with over 10 years’ expertise in retail, fashion design, merchandising and business development. Her brand is the UK’s largest prom and evening wear specialist, offering 3,500 dress styles across five luxury showrooms near Lincoln, and is regularly the top choice favoured by celebrities, influencers, pageant contestants, and household names. Kirsty’s entrepreneurial drive also extends to her own globally manufactured dress label, RCR Exclusives. Recognised in the UK Top 100 fastest-growing female-led companies, Kirsty is on track for a record turnover of £1.6 million this year and in December was named Businessperson of the Year at the SME National Business Awards, following previous wins at the Best Business Women Awards 2022. Beyond establishing a robust business, Kirsty emerges as a dynamic force influencing both fashion and retail leadership

Cover 27 & Brand You Columnist

dani wallace

Founder of I Am Queen Bee

Dani is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after and charismatic motivational speakers and is a coach/singer bringing over 20 years’ business expertise to the table. From corporate presenting to leadership training, she seamlessly combines experiences from the corporate sector and the entertainment industry and delivers unforgettable, inspirational talks in her distinctive style, infused with truth, humour, and a wealth of practical advice. As the fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement, Dani is on a mission to empower women to show up, wise up, and rise up in their lives, careers, and businesses. Formerly a serial self-saboteur from the council estates of Preston, she navigated domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment. Catch Dani’s columns in Brand You Magazine.

“Showtime looks absolutely amazing!
Lisa Johnson

“Showtime looks fabulous, the venue hits the right tone for an event of this calibre.”
Nicky Hambleton-Jones

“I love what you’re creating!”
Adela Hussain

“This is going to be fun!”
Kirsty Gale

Editor’s Welcome

From the moment I launched Brand You Magazine in 2021, I had a dream close to my heart: to create the ultimate brand and PR event for women in business. Now, three years later, with unwavering dedication, strategic alliances and the growth of our incredible community, that dream has become a vibrant reality. Brand You has blossomed into the go-to media powerhouse for female entrepreneurship worldwide!

SHOWTIME is the ultimate rendez-vous of big thinkers and a celebration of the collaboration and empowerment that has fuelled every step of our journey. Every woman you’ll meet at SHOWTIME has graced the covers and pages of our magazine, their stories inspiring us all.

SHOWTIME is a one-of-a-kind, action-packed PR coup bursting with opportunities! We’re crafting the perfect space and setting the stage with an unprecedented convergence of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs, TV and radio celebrities, magazine editors, influential journalists, publicists and brand experts, all under one roof…….offering YOU the chance to create and seize every opportunity to help propel your business forward.

As Brand You Magazine celebrates its 3rd birthday, I couldn’t be prouder to introduce our first event and invite YOU to clear your diary, grab your business cards, put on that special fabulous  dress and make your way to London on May 1st for a face-to-face experience like no other.

Your mission: Get ready to work the room!

Olivia x

What’s On The Agenda


09:30 – 10:00 Registration, grab a coffee and a pastry and go ‘Mix & Mingle’

10:00 – 10:15 Let the show begin – A welcome from our founder Olivia Marocco

10:15 – 10:30 Meet Marsha Powell, co-founder of BelEve, our raffle charity

10:30 – 11:00 Brand You Talk – No Candy Floss and Unicorns with Enfys Maloney

11:00 – 12:00 The Media Panel – Hosted by Amanda Fitzgerald + Q&A session


12:00 – 13:30 Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch, a glass of wine, snap away at the photo booth and get to know all attendees


13:30 – 15:30 VIP Lounge is open

13:30 – 14:15 Masterclass – Pitch Perfect – Make the Headlines with Carol Driver

14:15 – 14:45 Brand You Talk – Speaker to be announced soon

14:45 – 15:30 Masterclass – Ignite Your Brand Fire with Melissa Matson


15:30-16:00 Time for some refreshments

16:00 – 17:30 The Cover Girls Panel & Headline Sponsor, Hosted by Olivia Marocco + Q&A session

17:30 – 18:00 Charity raffle & closing words Olivia

18:00 – 19:00 It’s Celebration Time! Enjoy a glass of bubbly (or two!) and a piece of delicious birthday cake!

19:30 – 22:00 After-Party! (Optional)


Hot of The Press

Media Stage

Grab a seat and join our host, Amanda Fitzgerald, PR Expert also known as The Ultimate Door Opener, as she animates an expert panel of magazine editors, publicists, world renowned journalists, TV personalities, PR experts, brand strategists and stylists on a mission to empower you through the transformative power of PR.

Join the discussion as they explore the world of media today for women in business, diversity and inclusion, pitches, crafting narratives, brand messaging and building impactful press relationships. This journey into the electrifying force of PR will redefine your brand narrative and supercharge your approach to power YOUR visibility and status.


Journalist, Writer, Coach, Author

Suzy has written for everyone from The Sunday Times to Cosmo and was the Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies for 8 years. She’s now working as a freelance journalist, writing for national newspapers and magazines, including a weekly Weekend Wellness piece for Metro. She is the founder of the Alnwick Story Festand and runs The Heart Leap Club on Substack.


Editor-in-Chief of Platinum & Top Santé

Katy, also known as The Health Editor, held the editorship position of four national UK women’s magazines, all based around wellbeing including Soul & Spirit and BodyFit and today Top Santé and Platinum. Katy was an early supporter of promoting menopause awareness and has a strong passion for skincare as well as supplements.


Editor-In-Chief of Brand You Magazine

Olivia has established Brand You Magazine as a key player in the female entrepreneur’s media world. She founded Brand You with two missions in mind. To inspire and educate its readers in the creation and growth of their brands and to offer a reputable media platform for B2B female experts to raise their profiles and credibility.


Editor-In-Chief of Black Business Magazine

Justice is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Black Business Magazine, the premier publication dedicated to showcasing the achievements and experiences of the Black business community. She is also a business strategist and personal brand expert, proud recipient of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Most Inspirational Woman of the Year Award. She has spoken on over 100 stages, including keynotes at the House of Commons in 2006 and 2022.


Publicist, Entrepreneur


Adela Hussain is a disruptive publicist who creates equity in publicity. She helps ambitious 6 and 7 figure wellness experts and corporate executives build authentic connections with world-class journalists. A former Management Consultant, she has been featured in the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian and 12 other publications. She was a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Award in 2017 and in 2018 was in Sarah Woods’ Top 10 Female Founders To Watch list.


Stylist to The Elite, TV Presenter, Public Speaker

Nicky Hambleton-Jones is an executive personal stylist and transformation queen, best known for the dramatic makeovers she masterminded on the hit TV show 10 Years Younger. She runs her own style consultancy which also offers training to new and established stylists, as well as fashion events and 10 Years Younger retreats in Portugal.

“Looking forward to this!”
Justice Williams MBE

“I’m excited already and my wardrobe is already being planned!”
Melissa Matson

“This event looks incredible!”
Carol Driver

“The value for any business women attending this event is just incredible.”
Enfys Maloney

High Impact

Masterclasses & Talks

Not only are we offering captivating panels, but we’re also bringing you two exceptional masterclasses where you’ll delve into the art of crafting the perfect pitch to captivate journalists and secure coverage for your business. Plus, you’ll discover how to unlock your brand’s fire, igniting excitement and innovation to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Our Brand Talks are dedicated to amplifying women’s voices and will offer centre stage spots where experts step into the light and share their ideas bursting with creativity, limitless potential and revolutionary change in female entrepreneurship.

Pitch Perfect – Make The Headlines

by Carol Driver, Freelance Journalist, Copywriter & Consultant

With over 20 years in journalism, Carol, former Femail Editor at MailOnline, boasts a track record of elevating channels from 2 million to 15 million daily hits. Currently, she crafts exclusive stories for various platforms including the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro and more, covering topics from female entrepreneurship to lifestyle, beauty, health, travel, and celebrity news.

Ignite Your Brand Fire

By Melissa Matson, Founder of EMBR Agency, Brand Strategist

Melissa is a brand strategist with 15 years’ experience working within global brands (Mars, Starbucks, 20th Century Fox) and understands what it takes to build a powerful brand that connects and converts. With a primary focus on brand strategy excellence, design creativity and marketing activation, EMBR ignites the disruptive brands of today, changing the world of tomorrow..

No Candy Floss and Unicorns

by Enfys Maloney – Founder of Sales Training With Enfys

Sales Training with Enfys provides sophisticated sales training designed to help show-stopping female entrepreneurs go from sales-self-doubt to sales-self-belief and enjoy the many benefits that come from selling well.

SHOWTIME is tailored for ambitious and driven women who are ready to take their brands and businesses to the next level


Work That Room Like Never Before

Come prepared to navigate. Tell everyone who you are and about the amazing business you’ve created. It’s your ticket to success.

Connections Matter

Mix & mingle with 90 successful female-led business owners. Check out new opportunities or collaborations.

The Power of PR Unleashed

The real magic will only happen if you actively engage with the world-class journalists, publicists and magazine editors present.

Celebrate Your Impact

This isn’t your average gathering. Don’t just attend. Make your mark and leave a lasting impression.

Have fun, and join in the celebration!

Are You Joining Us? 

Grab Your Ticket

Event Details

Venue: London N1.  You will receive the full address with your booking confirmation.

Nearest Tube Station: Old Street

Date: Wednesday 1st May, 2024

Time: 9.30am to 7pm + After-Party (optional)

Dress Code: It’s a birthday celebration – dress to party! Be creative, on brand, unique and fabulous!

Food & Beverage: Refreshments of tea, coffee, water and juice will be provided all day.  Pastries will be available as you arrive in the morning and a little cheeky glass of wine will also be available during lunch to accompany a delicious cold buffet. Prosecco, wine and other non-alcoholic alternatives will be served during the drinks reception along with the birthday cake.

A cloakroom will be available to store your coats and bags.

The Venue

Our stunning venue is set in the heart of Old Street, 5 mins walk from Old Street tube station.

still have some questions?

01 What time do I need to arrive?

Doors open at 9.30am to give you plenty of time to register and get your badge, grab a tea or coffee and a pastry and mingle with all attendees before the show starts at 10am.

02 What if I arrive late, can I still join the event?

Of course! If you arrive a little late, just register and grab your badge at reception and you’ll be shown where to go to join the event. 

03 What is the dress code?

Well, it is a celebration so come dressed in what ever makes you feel FABULOUS.  Remember there will be lots of PR and Insta photo opportunities!

04 I have dietary requirements, will this be catered for?

Of course! You will be able to let us know your dietary requirements at checkout and our caterers will make sure you will have plenty to eat and drink! 

05 Has the venue got Wifi?

Yes! An ultra-fast one too! Access code will be available on the day. 

06 Can I cancel my ticket if I am unable to attend?

Tickets are non-refundable, but you can pass your ticket to another female business owner who you think would benefit from this event –  Please contact us at event@brandyoumagazine.co.uk to let us know in advance, as we will need her name and other important information (Dietary etc) 

07 Can I book a ticket to the After-Party on the day?

Unfortunately no, as we will need to let the venue know numbers in advance.

08 I don't want my photo to be taken. Is this a problem?

There will be a photography and video team present at the event however, if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please let a member of my team at reception know as soon as you arrive. 

09 Is there disability access to the venue?

The venue is DDA compliant.  There is a lift available to access the event.  But, if you have any specific access needs, please let us know at event@brandyoumagazine.co.uk

10 Is there parking on-site?

There is no parking at the venue.  Please go to https://www.parkopedia.com/ and use the postcode N1 7JQ to find the nearest carpark available.

Our Charity Raffle is for BelEve

Brand You has always been committed to championing causes that truly make a difference, and we’ve found our perfect match with BelEve. Led by the remarkable Marsha Powell, BelEve has touched the lives of over 7,000 girls and young women, ages 8-21, with a mission centered on female empowerment and gender equality in the UK.

Based in London, this extraordinary charity breaks down barriers that girls may encounter, providing them with essential support networks, skills, and confidence to navigate their futures and emerge as the next wave of female leaders. BelEve’s impact extends beyond the individual, reaching parents, teachers, communities, and youth agencies to foster lasting change.

Inspired by Marsha’s vision, Brand You eagerly joined BelEve’s mentorship program, offering our magazine as a platform for these young women to express themselves creatively. Through this partnership, they gain practical experience and the confidence to share their voices in a female-led business publication.

Now, we invite you to be a part of our mission by participating in our FABULOUS raffle. Purchase as many tickets as you can for a chance to win INCREDIBLE prizes donated by all our speakers and sponsors, all while supporting the life-changing work of BelEve. Ladies, let’s make a difference together!

A Very Big Thank You To All Our


More fabulous sponsors to be announced soon

Ambassadors & Partners

Our Undercover Journalist/InstaSnapper

Our VIP Hostess

Our Media Panel Captain

Our Event Time-Keeper

Our Photographer Extraordinaire

Our F&B Queen