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Brand You Magazine is a 60-page, refreshingly creative, bi-monthly business publication aimed at female entrepreneurs, available in print or digital format. With each edition, we share the journeys of businesswomen and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and in all kinds of business. Be inspired by their stories as you build your business and lifestyle around all those incredible ideas that keep you awake at night  But Brand You Magazine doesn’t just inspire you. You get actionable, practical guidance on all areas of growing a business and brand that reflects who you are, inside and out.

Edition 24 – April / May

(Out in April)

You are in for such a treat with the next edition of the magazine and we’re super excited about all the amazing women you will get to meet and the exclusive interviews in our Brand, Business and Lifestyle sections.

Our cover this month features the UK’s leading brand consultant, bestselling author, creative catalyst and visionary thinker, Fiona Humberstone, aka The Brand Stylist. Her insight, enthusiasm and warmth is contagious, not to mention the wealth of experience and expertise in branding matters she shares so willingly.

If you want honest views into being a start-up founder, then don’t miss Amelia Sordell’s story about how she built a personal branding empire with Klowt, an agency that brands people, not businesses.

I met a kindred spirit when I chatted with the wonderfully talented artist Simona Constantin about her journey in life and the decisions she needed to make to find peace and happiness, while creating a successful personal brand in the art world.

And discover the full array of extraordinary collaborators and contributing experts who share their experiences, stories, advice, tips and tricks to inspire, educate and help you along the way as business owners and as women.


What our subscribers say…

Floss Gibbs
Graphic Designer & Brand Consultant

All the articles are really inspiring and honest, I love that Brand You covers a range of different business areas and industries, with tonnes of insightful tips and advice too!

Claire Gardner
The Branding Photographer

Brand You is turning into a fantastic resource for my business! It's relevant, engaging and a bible for how to show off my brand in the right way!

Hela Wozniak-Kay
Founder of Sister Snog

Every issue is like getting a Secret Santa Gift - you know it's something special and when it's unwrapped, you realise how special it is. Brand You is brimming with insightful insights and nibblemsome content. Beautifully presented.

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You’ll be all “hold everything, the Brand You Newsletter has arrived!” 


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