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Brand You Magazine’s Birthday Celebration!


🥂 We are 2 today! 🥂

To celebrate this special occasion, we’ve decided to revamp some of our past editions and offer you the opportunity to download them for FREE.

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Note from our Editor, Olivia

Hi there!  Thank you so much for joining in the celebration. The magazine has come a long way these last two years and, as you probably already know, also went through a big rebrand last January.  We thought it was time to  bring out some of our past editions, to revamp them with the new cover style and to showcase them again as they contain so much valuable content which we feel would be a shame for you to miss out on.  Enjoy!

Amy Lewis
Founder of Mooeys & Mooskin

I love Brand You magazine! It's beautifully designed and the content is always informative. It allows me my 'me time' when I get to sit down with a cuppa and read articles on incredible humans. Bliss!

Chloe Jay
Founder of Shentons

If you haven’t subscribed yet - where have you been?! For those of us who don’t just want to read Hollywood gossip or speculate on a royal’s marriage.. here’s a grown up magazine about real stuff!

Henriette Danel
Multi Award Winning Business Coach

I love Brand You magazine as it features incredible women in business with extraordinary stories. In addition, the information shared by experts is helpful, and you'll always learn something new with every edition.