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Our blog is written by women in business for women in business. In fact our entire ethos is based on sharing great stories!  So we’re always looking for like-minded ladies who have unique and useful knowledge and experiences to share on our blog. If you want to contribute, don’t sit there thinking about it…pitch us a topic our readers will love!

Here are some of the biggest benefits you get from guest blogging with us:

Establishing yourself as an authority figure in your field.

Presence on an authoritative site that’s right for you.

Powerful strategy in your link-building toolkit.

Improve your company’s brand awareness.

Get more leads, users and even customers.

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We just love working with exceptional partners who have amazing products and services to share with our readers.  So if you want to grow your brand by advertising in Brand You Magazine, then here are some key benefits:

Inspire our readers to go out and visit your store/business.

Credibility and trust as readers have chosen the magazine for themselves and will be more likely to spend time reading its ads.

Focused attention when our readers physically hold a copy of our magazine it’s more likely to have their complete attention.

If our content is speaking to you, then our readers will definitely want to know what you’re offering!

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Our ambassador programme is established to create a mutually beneficial relationship and to generate positive word of mouth.

You will receive high share-of-voice in both the digital and print versions of the magazine such as:

Valuable access to the magazine’s growing niche readership.

Optimisation of your brand awareness and word-of-mouth buzz.

Highly visible position in the magazine for your name and logo placement.

Promotion across all social media platforms.

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