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Issue 10 – Community (Digital)


Download a digital PDF of issue 10 to view on your computer, mobile or tablet.

So what’s inside this issue?

In this issue of Brand You Magazine, we’ll be taking a closer look at what it means – and what it takes – to create a loyal COMMUNITY around our brands and to have the kind of meaningful relationships that can help to define our paths, motivate us to show up as our best self, encourage our growth and celebrate our memorable moments while supporting both our business and our dreams!




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BRAND STRATEGY; How to find and grow your brand tribe by Tam Goldsmith.
BRAND DESIGN: Crafting the perfect branding love spell by Gemma Storey.
BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY: From Spain with Love, a closer look at destination brand photography with Gillian Devine.
BIZ INSPIRATION: The Connectress – A modern-day matchmaker with Hela Wozniak-Kay.
BIZ GIRLS ARE…are connecting!
BIZ INTERVIEW: Build a booming Facebook group for free with The Sales Sisters.
BIZ EXPERT: Trust me, I’m an email! By Kim Arnold.
BIZ EXPERT: Rock your business community with Kajabi by Lucy Hutchings Hunt.
BIZ FINANCE: What do you think of when I say the word “pension”? By Molly & Lisa.

LIFESTYLE: A life and style connection by Lizzie Edwards.
LIFESTYLE: Beyond body and mind by Akanksha Agarwal.


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